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5 Summer essentials vs Makeup Hits & Misses!

Today’s blog post is in collaboration with one sweet belle, Deborah from Distorted Priorities! I’m glad she approached me and came with the idea to collaborate together. The idea of this post is to both introduce new bloggers on my profile and getting to know more about their point of view and the items they share with all of us.

Deborah will be blogging about her makeup hits & misses she recently tried. Below you can see the sneak peak photos, but do make sure to check out her full review on the products shown by Clicking hereย && follow her onย Facebook pageย &ย Instagram




In the meantime, I suggest you to keep reading if you want to know more about my Top #5 Summer essentials.

Although, along the years I’ve managed to hate Summer a little less *maybe* I always make sure to have the essentials one needs during this hot season๏ฟผ.


#Water – I can never leave the house without drinking enough water. Rather than always drinking normal water, I sometimes infuse it with lemon, mint leaves or cucumber. I let it rest overnight in the fridge and the next morning I carry it with me to work, the beach etc.

PS -> getting a sweet bottle infuser as shown, might get you to drink more water. Won’t be boring I promise ๐Ÿ’š


#Sunblock – as you may know my skin is very pale and taking good care of it is a must. I do go to the beach but I carry a 50+ SPF sunblock and make sure to apply both when going in and after coming out of the water. I don’t only use it when going to the beach but also before heading out during the day, I make sure to apply a good amount of sunblock on my skin. It doesn’t mean that if you’re in a car or somewhere in the shade you’re not exposed to the sun.

#Primer & Concealer – When you have oily skin, summer can be a bummer!! Buying the right primer & concealer can help your makeup stay on longer without any creasing or falling apart. I don’t tend to apply a lot of makeup if I’m going out in the morning, it’s a waste of time IMO. Applying primer is my first step and leave it to set for a few seconds. I then highlight under my eyes, t-zone & jaw line with concealer and blend everything in. These 2 products shown here ^^ are my favorite must haves ATM and they’re both from the Body Shop.

ย IMG_20170626_190431_161.jpg

#Setting Spray – After makeup application is done, I refresh my face with a few spritz of setting spray to make sure my face keeps hydrated all day and that the makeup stays put. Make sure to invest in a gold setting spray, mine is the one below from NYX.


#Hair Care – with our long hot days, blow drying your hair is definitely a not in my routine! My hairdresser suggested these products, which I’m glad I’ve tried. After each hair wash; towel dry your hair, section your hair with clips and apply mousse (silver product) to create a wet look. Once dried, apply serum (green product) to keep the frizz away. I love the natural look once all products set on my hair (perfect for Summer fresh looks)ย IMG_20170626_190515_045.jpg#Bodymist – since I hate perfume as it makes me feel dizzy and sick, I discovered that body mists are definitely what I need this Summer. They are a light texture version that keeps me fresh all day and that can be applied more than once :).

ย โ™ฅ
ย I hope both posts were helpful for you guys. May I remind you again to go check out Deborah’s apps for more interesting & upcoming posts ๐Ÿ˜Š

For those interested in collaborations kindly comment down below or follow my social apps to get in touch.

Will look forward to get to know more of you beautiful souls xo

Until next time


Love Alex



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